About us

Ninetey Mile Beach

With a focus on exercise and relaxation, our tours offer every opportunity to explore the remarkable beauty of New Zealand. You can experience the thrills of road cycling, mountain biking, both on and off the beaten track, as well as discover the culinary pleasures of New Zealand’s distinctive food and wines.

Our tours of small, personal groups are designed for both experienced and beginner cyclists with our knowledgeable guide always by your side. All tours are accompanied by mini bus and trailer so not only can you rest when you want to, but we also carry your luggage for you, and take care of catering and accommodation.

Mountain Bike Missions is concerned about protection of the natural environment and have therefore gained special concessions from the Department of Conservation and private landowners to have access to off-road areas that are normally closed to the public. In some cases these concessions are exclusive to Mountain Bike Missions and enable you to access, enjoy, touch and taste the special beauty of New Zealand's natural wonderland.

Not just great rides!

MBM is the model for quality services for avid cyclists. We are the textbook for environmentally-friendly off-road mountain bike touring. When we say groups are small, we mean one to four clients of matched skills. When we say bikes, we mean the ultimate in human-powered off-road machinery.