Ninety Mile Beach, Northland

Ninetey Mile Beach

New Zealand is an easy country in which to cycle with its quiet roads and uncrowded beauty spots. Ninety Mile Beach at the top of the North Island is one of them, unique for its length and hard surfaces at low tide. To travel along this vast and empty beach with the waves crashing alongside is a cyclist’s dream come true.

Far north New Zealand, beyond Kaitaia on the North Island, is a stretch of almost endless sand, the Ninety Mile Beach, flanked by the Tasman Sea in the west and by forests in the east before the land drops into the Pacific on the other side of the Aupouri Peninsula.

At Ninety Mile Beach you can be as alone with nature as nowhere else, with only the sound of the waves and the rustle of winds in the trees to keep you company in a contemplation of how glorious, even in the encompassing solitude, nature can be.

Mission rating:

Recommended bike: Giant Iguana

Maximum nuber of riders : 6

Price : NZ$1250.00 inc GST per person

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